Ouija Boards

Again we all are aware what is Ouija Boards, well I believe that ouija boards is the best way of calling a spirit or a good soul and get all the answers or questions that you may have in your mind. As it is said that by the help of Ouija Board you can call any ones spirit and some also believe that they can give you lotto numbers etc.

Now an Ouija board is made up of white paper, it has alphabets A to Z written on it, and Numbers 0-9, now it is advisable that about 2-3 people may be involved in this operation.

The best way is that you may take a coin and place it on the board all the three people that are involved in the operation should place their one finger on the coin that is placed on the board, and then one of the person who is really involved must with deep concentration try to call the spirits, it is advisable to do the operation in the night as that is the best time when you will have deep concentration, you will have to concentrate and call the spirit when the spirit arrives they will shift the coin that is on the board and then what ever questions you have in mind you can ask the spirit they will reply to you by moving the coin on the alphabets that are on the board.

Remember one thing always keep a place on the board where you will write exit so that after the operation the spirits will leave from there, or many times they may not go and will stay there only so it is better that you may tell them to leave from the exit way after the operation is done
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