Evil Witches

Witchcraft Witchcraft and Witchcraft all are related to evil spirits.

Witchcraft and Evil Spirits:
Evil witches who are they where they are found and what do they do, all these questions are always very confusing as there are many witches who claim that they are evil etc, but only for their own interest of money etc.

But a real witch can be a very dangerous weapon, as it can not only destroy but also can kill a person, evil witches can also be compared to a vampire, also when some has an untimely death, it can be a suicide or any thing and if their wish is not fulfilled then they don't leave this world easily and roam as evil witches or vampires and if she comes in front of you then you are in trouble.

Also there is only one way of recognizing this evil witch, she will have crooked legs, and if you see any one in the night near cemetery or any remote villages or where there is no population or any where with crooked legs , then remember she is a witch and you may leave that place immediately.

I do have a secret for you and a spell that can control this witch, and if you can control this witch then you will be a most powerful person in this whole world as she will be your slave and can do any thing for you
It is believed that they have their life in their hair, if you can cut their hair and keep it with you, till you may have her hair she will be in your control for lifetime.

Black Magic Spels: (1), (2), (3), (4)

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